Lynnet Koh, M.B.A.
Chairman, CEO & Founder

Ms. Koh is a serial entrepreuner/intrapreuner with extensive Senior and C-level executive experience in the biotech, wireless, internet, and consumer products industries. She has led top corporate priority major growth initiatives, created the vision, championed and led the successful development of major product/technology innovations and successful global market launch of best in class products that transformed various industries/markets and delivered over $2.5B in new revenues. Homes runs include the first Caller ID in the world (AT&T Bell Laboratories), the world’s first generation wireless systems that set the industry benchmarks for mobility, portability and quality (AT&T Bell Laboratories), first generation Voice over Internet System (Cisco Systems). Her core competencies and passion are that of leading mission impossible-type major technology innovation/new product development projects from idea to global commercialization, major revenue and market leadership achievement – and in the process, transforming the lives of people around the world and creating new markets and industries. In a general management capacity, she has built multiple teams and organizations from ground-up. Ms. Koh has also led numerous deals including, raising over $115MM for her various intrapreunerial/entrepreunerial startups, numerous M&A and licensing deals. MIT educated, she was in high potential executive leadership programs with industry leaders which provided her the hands on growth opportunity to demonstrate results in general management, brand management, sales leadership, new product development, product commercialization, P&L and market performance management.

Shah Rahimian, M.D
VP of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Shah Rahimian is the Vice President of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs at Zaqlix Biopharm With over 17 years of experience in medicine and clinical research, he leads the company on its path of development both nationally and internationally. He is a successful entrepreneur information and growth of bioscience companies and a recognized leader in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical development industry.

Before joining Zaqlix Biopharm, he derived critical development and regulatory strategies in parallel with commercialization of cell based and biologic products at Antria, Inc where the company became received the very first IND approval to initiate clinical trials with adipose derived stem cells in the US.

Prior to his assignment at Antria, Dr. Rahimian was the Vice President of Clinical Research at Illumina. His achievements include successful conduct of over 60 clinical trials globally and building strategic partnerships with healthcare facilities and world’s top 10 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

He provides consulting services to major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Oncological drug development, Regenerative medicine for plastic and reconstructive surgery and orthopedics, drug safety, regulatory affairs, commercialization and strategic planning since 2003.

Dr. Rahimian has an MD, degree from the University of Istanbul and a CRA degree from the University of South Carolina. He has completed fellowships in general and oncological surgery, multiple teaching assignments with numerous publications and academic awards.

Eliane B. Morgan
Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Dr. Morgan came to Zaqlix Biopharm after a long career in both big and small pharma.  She started her career at Bristol Myers, working with dermatological products and then moving to the Bristol Myers Research Center in Wallingford, CT, where she built and led a regulatory group that focused on building a single, international dossier that could be submitted around the globe.  During that time, Dr. Morgan prepared registration plans and documents for drugs in the cancer, cardiovascular, central nervous system, anti-infective and anti-HIV areas for European, Canadian and Japanese submissions.   Dr. Morgan went on to DuPont, where she was the head of Global Regulatory Affairs for the pharmaceutical division at DuPont where she had responsibility for investigational drugs as well as marketed products, generic drugs and radiopharmaceuticals.   During her 15th years in big pharma, Dr. Morgan was responsible for submitting multiple New Drug Applications, both in the U. S. and abroad.  She also was the regulatory lead for two FDA advisory committee meetings in the U.S.  Dr. Morgan was an elected member of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer’s Association (PhRMA) Regulatory Affairs Committee and was an invited speaker at many professional meetings.  Dr. Morgan came to California to join Systemix, a cell therapy company, as their Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.  Dr. Morgan went on to SuperGen where she also had responsibility for regulatory affairs and quality assurance and submitted two NDAs for cancer drugs.  Dr. Morgan went on to support the company’s focus on new molecules that were early on in development, which she continued to do until she retired in 2009.  Dr. Morgan left retirement to join Zaqlix Biopharm because she feels that the platform technology that Zaqlix Biopharm has developed has the potential to help so many people who are desperate for help with their serious diseases.  Dr. Morgan received her Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from S.U.N.Y. Buffalo.  She also completed a PostDoctoral Fellowship at S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Department of Medicine and another at Rosewell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, N.Y.

Stephen D. Wolpe, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Wolpe was one of the discoverers of the chemokine family (MIP-1alpha, MIP-1beta and MIP-2) and wrote a seminal review establishing this superfamily of inflammatory proteins. After his post-doctoral work at Rockefeller University, he joined Genetics Institute (now part of Pfizer) where he was project leader for hematopoetic and intestinal stem cell projects. Following his time at Genetics Institute, Dr. Wolpe held a variety of senior positions at the Wellstat Group of Companies (a privately-held group of companies started by the founder of Amgen, Applied Biosystems and IGEN/Bioveris) where he continued his work on stem cells as well as leading research teams developing drugs and vaccines for diabetes, inflammatory disease and cancer. He was instrumental in developing a diabetes drug, a novel insulin sensitizer, that successfully concluded Ph2 clinical trials and was licensed to Sanofi for $350MM. Dr. Wolpe also worked at a senior level on business development, intellectual property assessment and licensing for the Wellstat Companies. Prior to joining Zaqlix Biopharm as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Wolpe worked as an independent biotech consultant for a wide variety of technologies and companies in the US, China and Israel. He is an author on over 25 publications in the scientific literature and an inventor on over 40 patents.

Richard Martin, Ph.D. 
VP of CMC and Head of Operations

Dr. Martin is an accomplished pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years of research and development experience in the fields of antibacterial, inflammation, oncology, antiviral, antifungal, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, sexual dysfunction, as well as glycosciences.  An excellent track record of bringing hits to leads, optimizing compounds into development candidates, as well as managing the chemistry, manufacturing, and regulatory activities for both clinical stage and approved drugs. He directed many successful programs of which 4 compounds have entered clinical trials. Collaborated closely with several Big Pharma companies to advance these development compounds following licensing of the assets and participated in joint steering teams.  He was instrumental in the CMC efforts that led to the approval of Apricus Biosciences’ first drug Vitaros® in Canada and Europe.  Dr. Martin initially served at Tanabe Research Laboratories before joining X-Ceptor therapeutics, which was acquired by Exelixis for their valuable metabolic disease programs.  He then held the position of Director of Chemistry at Exelixis before joining RetroVirox as Senior Director of Chemistry, founding partner and investor.  Dr. Martin then served as Vice President of Chemistry and Manufacturing at Apricus Biosciences (NexMed USA) where he led the chemistry, manufacturing and supply chain activities at the company.  Dr. Martin obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and pursued postdoctoral studies at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego with professor Chi-Huey Wong, a pioneer in the field of glycosciences.  Dr. Martin has over 30 patent applications, 26 of which have already been granted in the US, over 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at various scientific meetings.

Bernard Cambou, Ph.D., MBA
Chief Business Officer

Prior to joining Zaqlix Biopharm, Dr. Cambou, PhD. was a strategic advisor to the biopharmaceutical industry and Owner & Managing Partner of US-based Bernard Cambou Bio Consulting (BC2). BC2 is specialized in transactional and operational endeavors both in the USA and Europe.  From January 2007 until May 2010, Dr. Cambou was Chief Executive Officer of Cytomics Pharmaceuticals, a France-based oncology company involved into novel, small molecule targeted therapy approaches to treat cancer.  From 2002 to 2006, Dr. Cambou was a Venture Capital Partner with Birchmere Ventures, a Life Sciences Investment firm based in Pittsburgh, PA and co-managed with San Francisco-based Bay City Capital. Concurrent to Birchmere Ventures, from 2005 to December 2006, Bernard was Acting Chief Executive Officer of Pennsylvania-based Cellatope Inc. a biomarker/molecular diagnostics company which he co-founded with two clinicians from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and remained a Board member/investor. Cellatope was acquired by Cypress Biosciences (Nasdaq: CYPB) in February 2009.

Prior to Birchmere Ventures, Dr. Cambou was Vice President, Business Development with Human Genome Sciences. He joined HGS in 2000 after they acquired Principia Pharmaceuticals, a VC-funded spin-off from Aventis, which he co-founded in 1999. Prior to that, Bernard held various research and business development positions with Aventis in France, Japan and the United States where he relocated in 1995.

Dr. Cambou, who holds an engineering degree in agronomy/microbiology, is a post-graduate from the Pasteur Institute (Masters of Science degree) and the University of Technology of Compiègne (Masters of Science and Doctoral degrees). In the early 80s, he spent two and a half years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA as a post-doctoral fellow. He also holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from ESSEC, Paris.

Hubert Tseng, Ph.D.
Senior Translational Scientist Officer

Dr. Tseng, PhD, is the Senior Translational Scientist at Zaqlix Biopharm, where his role is to identify new applications for Zaqlix's groundbreaking clinical candidates in fucosylation in oncology and immunotherapy, and raise funds to advance these projects into clinical trials. Prior to joining Zaqlix Biopharm, Dr. Tseng was the Senior Scientist, R&D at Nano3D Biosciences, where he similarly developed novel applications for its 3D cell culture in in vitro assay development and regenerative medicine. Dr. Tseng earned a PhD in Bioengineering from Rice University, and a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics and Applied Mathematics & Statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

Mark Schwartz, Ph.D.
Board Member & Executive Director

Dr. Schwartz is currently an Executive Director of Zaqlix Biopharm Pharmaceuticals, where he has served on the board since 2014.  He is also on the faculty of San Jose State University where he teaches entrepreneurship in the Masters of Biotechnology Program.  He brings more than 30 years of experience in the biotechnology and life science industry.  He was recently the CEO of Galena Biopharma where he led the expansion of the companies pipeline and the development of its clinical assets, as well as several key financings.  Previously he was the CEO of Apthera, where he led the sale of the company to RXI Pharmaceuticals resulting in liquidity for the investors.  Prior to joining Apthera, Dr. Schwartz served for five years as President and CEO of Bayhill Therapeutics, a company developing an innovative DNA vaccine platform for the treatment of autoimmune diseases where he complete a successful partnership with Genentech for the development of the company’s type 1 diabetes vaccine.  He had also served as President and CEO of Calyx Therapeutics, which doubled its size, and completed key phase I and phase II international clinical trials of novel anti-inflammatory compounds during his tenure. Previously, Dr. Schwartz has held a range of positions in R&D, marketing, sales, business development and executive management at Trega BioSciences, Incyte Genomics, Synteni, Tripos Inc., Applied Biosystems and DuPont Diagnostics.  Dr. Schwartz has served on the board of the Biotechnology Industry Association and the advisory board for BayBio. Dr. Schwartz received his BA in Chemistry from Grinnell College and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Arizona State University.